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  • Where all other rescue tools show a 
    significant descrease in speed when
    switching to another stage to deal
    with the higher loads, Pentheon tools
    stick to the ideal stepless speed curve

  • Biggest speed gain in the most
    commonly used working pressure range.

  • Allows you to switch between the tool’s
    high-speed and low-speed modes
    at any time during the rescue

  • To keep maximum control over the fastest rescue tools ever!

  • With Holmatro’s On-Tool Charging system
    you can charge the battery while it remains on the tool.

  • Stop swapping batteries! It’s just a matter of “plugging it in”.

  • Simply grab a tool from the rescue truck and walk away with it!


Pentheon Combi Tool PCT50


  • Additional features

    • Unique grip teeth

    • Removable tips

    • I-Bolt

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Pentheon Telescopic Ram PTR50


  • Additional features

    • Smart ram extension

    • Integrated laser pointer

    • Double carrying handle

    • Cross ram support set

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Pentheon Spreader PSP40


  • Additional features

    • Extreme grip
      spreader tips

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Annotation 2020-08-10 133814.jpg
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Pentheon Cutter PCU50


  • Additional features

    • Inclined cutting

    • New car technology

    • I-Bolt

    • Optimized cutting edge

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